Interior Door installation method

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Interior Door installation method

The house believed that many people have decorated, the door is also indispensable in the home decoration, especially the indoor door, if not installed properly, it will affect the entire decoration, affect the decoration effect, so we will introduce the indoor door installation methods and indoor door installation matters needing attention.

Indoor door installation method


(Firstly) preparation before installation


Before installation, it is necessary to open the package and inspect the goods, carefully check the number, style, color, size and surface quality problems that can be detected by the naked eye.

1. The doors, doorframes should be stacked indoors with cushion plates. The frames and doorfans should be separated. It is forbidden to store together with acids and alkalis. The rooms should be clean, dry and ventilated.

2, store in the room without shelves and separate from the heat source, so as not to be heated and deformed.

3. Check the situation on the spot, tidy up and clean the working area, check whether the reserved size of the doorway or doorframe meets the requirements.

4. Confirm installation dimensions and check all products and accessories.

5. Prepare installation tools, and at the same time will be installed door doors, doorframes and hardware accessories, door locks, hinges, glass, etc. separately put together, but do not have to all the main, spare parts of the outer package are removed and stacked together, in order to avoid damage and confusion.


(secondly) door fitting


1. Door sleeve assembly joints should be tight, flat, no black seams; Fixed parts should be locked; Door sleeve diagonal line should be correct, tolerance within 2 meters is not less than 1 mm, 2 meters above is not less than 1.5 mm. 2. Cement filling is forbidden in the gap between door frame and wall. It is better to use foam to fill and fix it, followed by wooden square.

3. After the door frame is installed at the contact with the ground, it is necessary to use mildew-proof building filler (with various colors) to fill the cage around the door frame.


(Thirdly) wire installation


Set line installation should be evenly glued and fixed with door cover and wall. Set line interface should be smooth, tight and seamless. Set line on the same side after installation in a plane; If the wall is uneven, it is necessary to ensure that the set line interface is smooth. The tolerance of the curve is 1 mm. Sealant and sealant are used to sealant.


(Fourly) door leaf installation


1. After the door fan is installed, it should be flat and vertical, the door and the door cover are flat; the door opens without noise, and the opening and closing are flexible.

2. Gap between door sleeve and door fan, bottom seam is 10mm, left and right sides are 3-4mm; all seams allow tolerance of plus or minus 0.5mm.

3, the door leaf closes tightly after sealing tightly with the seal strip, does not swing.


(Fifth) hardware installation


1. Hinges: The top of the upper hinge spacer is 15 cm apart; the bottom of the lower hinge spacer is 15 cm apart; if three hinges are installed, the middle hinge spacer is 8-10 cm apart; the solid wood door series must use three hinges. The hinge should be vertical and smooth, and the fixing screws should be all straight and straight, hidden in the hinge plane.

2. Door lock slotting: the slot center and the bottom of the door fan is 95-100 cm apart, should be correct and standard, the size and lock body, lock piece the same; Door lock installation should be tightened, unlock without noise; Accessories installation is complete, fixed screw installation is complete and straight.

3. Accessories: The suction door is installed at the bottom of the interval door fan 2-3 cm, the side of the interval 2-3 cm; the door closer is installed at the side of the interval door fan 2-3 cm, the rest of the accessories should be installed in a fair position, firmly installed, fixed screws should be installed completely, straight, after the installation of good accessories.


(Sixly) installation effect


1, the combination of door and door line should be less than 3 mm, and seal the gap with waterproof sealant.

2. When the whole door is finished, it should be smooth and uniform, and it can be opened freely and flexibly. The overall effect is good without scratching.

3, when the installation of cut-off lines must be cleaned away.


Finally, indoor door installation matters needing attention


1. When handling solid wood doors, try to avoid scratching or bruising doorframes and doors. When placing doorframes and doors, you should also place them smoothly on the indoor horizontal floor which is not directly exposed to sunlight but is airy. Remember to place the door frame and door leaf on the side of the door, which is easy to damage the doorframe and door leaf.

2. The installation of wooden doors must be completed in the ground works (e.g. floor tiles and stone materials) at the entrance. After the wall putty is scraped and polished, the installation steps of wooden doors can be carried out only after the entrance to the entrance to the wall is all pasted to the side of the entrance.

3, wooden door installation method must use reserved hole installation method, strictly prohibit the use of side installation side of the mouth.

4. Installation of wooden interior doors need to check the humidity of the wall at the entrance, if the humidity of the wall at the entrance is less than 25%, the normal installation can continue; if the humidity of the wall at the entrance is more than 25%, the moisture-proof isolation layer should be made on the wall.

5. If the wooden door is installed on the corner wall or T-shaped wall, it is necessary to make a "fake wall" with a width of not less than 50 mm on the side without the stack before installation. Of course, the width of the fake wall here can be determined according to the line width, to avoid the side lines of the door displayed on both sides of the asymmetry.

6. If the doorframe is made of MDF material, it needs to be screwed together when the doorframe is assembled; if the doorframe is made of multi-layer board or solid wood board, it can be fixed with iron nails when the doorframe is assembled.

7. When installing the door frame, it is necessary to adjust the verticality of the door frame so as to avoid damaging the door frame due to the drying and expanding effect of the foaming agent.

8, because there may be power lines on both sides of the doorframe, installation of the doorframe should be regulated.

Above is the introduction to you today about indoor door installation methods and indoor door installation considerations of all knowledge, I hope you can bring help, although only the installation of the door, but the door is a protective home



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