Tips on Decorating a Home

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Tips on Decorating a Home


Everyone wants their homes to look the best in the neighbourhood.No one wants to do a complete renovation of their homes. How can a person achieve this without the big expense of a home renovation? Well, you could if you add some Decoration.


First you have to determine the size of the room.

If the room is small then don’t use very dark colours as it may make it seem smaller. Try using lighter colours and mirrors to elongate the room. You can also make the room appear higher by using low styled furniture.


Don’t focus much on the tiles and flooring as you can’t change these without a large expense. However, you could turn focus to the doors and window frames. Painting these openings to the preferred colour will already make the change you want.


If you are not keen on getting new furniture you could use a throw to add some colour.

Throws are great décor items as they give the room a bit of boldness. It can be used to cover up a couch you are not happy with. Add a few cushions in a similar colour to the throw in order to create a theme. Sometimes a bit of contrast keeps the room exciting.


Don’t overdo the colours on the walls. The more colour present, especially a bold colour, will make a person feel claustrophobic. Try and open up the environment by using light colours such as white, pale yellow, pastel green, or beige.


Display your ornaments on a floating shelf to add some creativity to a room.

Guests love looking around and will comment on your ornaments. Show your visitors that you, too, have a family and a decorative home.


Curtains make a big difference when it comes to home decoration.

The colour of the curtains does not have to be the same colour as the furniture but it must have a theme to it. For example, you could have white couches and use a contrasting colour for the curtains such as black. Or you could use a bold red colour for the curtains to contrast the white couches. You can have matching cushions to complement the curtains.


A great way to uplift your home is to replace the front door with a pvc film coated wpc door that has a beautiful carved design.

A beautiful door can uplift the look of your living room and your home.


Keep an open mind when decorating your home. You want it to look sophisticated but you also want to be as comfortable as possible.

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