Wood-plastic composite material process introduction

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Wood-plastic composite material process introduction


Wood-plastic composite is a new kind of environmental protection material with good social and economic benefits, so it has been paid more and more attention and widely used in decoration. And the technology of wood-plastic composite is constantly innovating and developing. In the future, this kind of material will have a broader scope of application.

wood plastic composite material


Wood plastic composite material processing flow:


The processing flow of wood-plastic composites is mainly screening and crushing forest waste, waste plastics and so on, then mixing and molding, cooling after molding, then traction and cutting, and finally surface treatment to produce finished products. The material and technology of the whole process reflect the concept of environmental conservation.


Matters needing attention in wood plastic composites processing:


Extrusion molding has the advantages of short cycle, high efficiency and rapid molding, so this process is widely used compared with other methods. However, in the process of extrusion, special attention should be paid to the temperature and pressure control of the extruder. If the extrusion temperature is too high, the viscosity of the solution will be reduced, resulting in Poor strength and other quality problems, and even raw materials may degrade, if the extrusion temperature is too low, it will make the raw material plasticization is poor, and thus can not fully wrap wood flour, making the strength of the finished product lower. The extrusion effect can be effectively improved by properly reducing the rotating speed of the screw, increasing the pressure of the die and decreasing the temperature of the extruder.


The technology of wood plastic composites is continuously improving.


With the attention and Research on the manufacture and technology of wood-plastic composites from all walks of life, great progress has been made in the raw materials and processing technology. In the raw materials of wood-plastic composites, the plastic materials for the production of wood-plastic composites can not only have high density polyethylene or polypropylene, but also can be polyvinyl chloride or PS; in the wood-plastic composites. In material technology, the processing technology has been improved, from the earliest single screw extrusion molding evolved into conical screw extrusion molding, which makes up for the plasticity, poor aging resistance, poor creep resistance, poor durability and poor tensile strength and other defects. In the future, wood-plastic composites technology will have greater progress, raw materials will not only continue to expand, processing equipment will progress and innovation, with the improvement of the process, wood-plastic composites will be more high-end excellent quality.


Wood-plastic composite process seems very clear and concise, in fact, there are many details to pay attention to, not pay attention to may lead to the quality of finished products. The building materials of this kind of environmental protection composites have broad prospects for development. Wood-plastic composites technology is a heavy and far-reaching task, which needs the common concern and research of all walks of life.

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