Wpc door News and events

Author:yiwanjiadoor    Time:09-21,2018

Wpc door News and events


WPC Doors Have Become the Trend of Door Industry


Wood plastic composite doors resistance to moisture, water proof, maintenance free Fire retardant, Resistance to bugs, Resistance to oxidation and erosion Eco-friendly, Formaldehyde free, Non-Toxic, Glue free High durability and strength, Resistance to impact, Aging resistant Recyclable, Totally hygienic Natural and fashionable wooden appearance.

Today, people's consumption concept and purpose are greatly changed. Environmental protection has become the central idea of consumers to buy products. Door is the product of life, the quality of the door directly affects people's lives. The promotion of environmental protection door will no doubt pull the whole door industry towards the direction of environmental protection and conservation of resources, such as WPC.


For the average family, the WPC door not only allows them to avoid harmful gases, but also to a certain extent, save money. Especially for the doors of the baby room and the bedroom. In general, WPC doors in the entire industry, are more common and popular. People can buy directly from a store, or online. At the same time, WPC door dealers also have played an immeasurable role for the promotion of environmental protection door.

For the door of schools and hospitals , WPC is also a good choice. On the one hand, as the doors of these public places are in large quantity, the choice of other materials of the door, will lead to waste of materials, in addition, it will cause unnecessary pollution. On the other hand, from the considerations of health , WPC is also the best choice.


The production process of WPC door is much more delicate than other categories. Whether from the aesthetic point of view, or design perspective, WPC has got more and more attention. The purchase of Engineering doors can also refer WPC doors. Some people will also take into account the style of interior decoration in terms of purchase of the door. On this point, WPC manufacturers have also been adjusted accordingly. A variety of styles of WPC doors created these years.

In addition, the performance and quality of the Wood plastic composite doors are also guaranteed. So na matter from which option, WPC is certainly considered as the trend of door industry.

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