XPS board

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what is xps board ?



XPS Board (extruded polystyrene board) full name extruded polystyrene foam board, referred to as extruded board, XPS Board .


xps board


The xps board is a rigid foamed plastic sheet which is filled with a polystyrene resin and a polymer while being heated and mixed, and then extruded into a continuous closed cell foam.


Polystyrene foam is divided into 2 types: expansion EPS and continuous extrusion type XPS


Compared with EPS sheet, XPS board is the third generation of rigid foam insulation material.

It overcomes the complicated production process of EPS board from the process.

XPS board has superior performance that cannot be replaced by EPS board.


It is made of polystyrene resin and other additives through extrusion process with continuous uniform surface layer and closed-cell honeycomb structure.


These honeycomb thick plates will not have voids at all.This closed-cell thermal insulation material can have different pressures (150-500 Kpa) and the same low thermal conductivity (only 0.028 W/M.K) and long-lasting advantages. Good thermal insulation and compressive properties, compressive strength can reach 220-500 Kpa.



XPS has a perfect closed-cell honeycomb mechanism. The closed-cell ratio of XPS structure is over 99%, and it has very low water absorption (almost no water absorption) and thermal conductivity.It's the best choice for waterproof door materials.


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